Mesh Clothing Bags

I read an awesome idea in Today’s Parent this morning (the March 2013 issue). It had an entire article on ways to get organized and this was one of the suggestions:

Put your kids’ clothes away by daily outfit, rather than sorting by item. Make sure to include top, bottom, socks and underwear, as well as any sweaters, tights or leggings they may need.

What a great idea! And what better way to do that than by picking up some of my mesh clothing bags to keep each outfit together? 😉


The mesh allows you and your kids to see which outfit they’re choosing, and you won’t have your organizational hard work go to waste if your kids start rummaging around in their drawers. Perfect also for packing clothes for a long trip (no more lost socks!) and even for short ones.

My daughter is in the early stages of potty training (can stay dry but can’t yet take herself to the bathroom), so I keep a complete outfit for her, including a wet bag, in my own bag.


Then, if she has an accident while we’re out, I can quickly and easily get her cleaned up and ready to go. It’s also great for moving from bag to bag, whether it’s into my purse for a quick errand run, into my Lug bag for a longer day trip, or into my husband’s bag when he takes her on an adventure. Far easier than gathering all of the pieces each time.

Buy one or a dozen, in matching sets or all different colours, whatever will best suit your needs!

And check out the March 2013 Today’s Parent issue. There are some great tips in that article. (Or find it online here.)


Mesh Clothing Bag $14 each

Interested in the wet bag you see above? Check out Nest Boutique on Facebook.


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