Handsewn Gown

Every Christmas, we draw names on my husband’s side to determine who gets whom a gift. This past Christmas, I drew the name of one of my lovely sisters-in-law. In the fall, I’d been reading about couture sewing techniques and was especially taken by the hand-sewing. I love the blue dress I made last summer, but I remain dissatisfied with the long side seams. On the machine, the delicate fabric crinkled and bunched. The skirt has enough fabric that you don’t notice the waves unless you inspect it closely, but hand-sewing does prevent such a thing from happening. You have a lot more control over the shape of the garment.

Since my sister-in-law claimed that she had no particular requests (and even hinted that a handmade gift would not be amiss), I took it upon myself to handsew a gown for her.


Excepting the hem and a bit of taking in, the dress fit her perfectly.


I have, much to my own dismay, had the gown ever since Christmas to make those slight modifications and to finish the inside seams.


We’re traveling to see them and I look forward to finally delivering the dress to its rightful owner.


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