Mini Luggage Set

We’re planning to travel by plane to see my sister-in-law, and that means that we need to consider packing requirements. We can certainly check luggage, but with my dad’s frequent travel for business and an incident or two of losing luggage while traveling with the family for vacation, I have been trained to be leery of checking luggage. That and the post-travel wait for bags with an either grumpy or wired (or both) wee babe, I’m aiming to avoid the checked luggage.

You’re allowed two items on the plane, plus some extra eligible items (like a diaper bag for your baby’s things). We only have a couple of bags that are the right size, I’ve been wanting to make a backpack for our daughter, C, and since I was on a roll (and had the fabric), I ended up making a wee set for the two of us (sorry Honey…).


What you see pictured is a shoulder bag for me, a backpack for C, and a laptop sleeve to keep my computer safe in transit. How fun!

The laptop sleeve is lined with fleece and cotton to provide extra padding.


The shoulder bag is just about as big as the airline will allow.




And I’ll include detail pictures of the backpack tomorrow.

Don’t you just love the fabric?


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