DIY Ruched Tank Top

Last year, I was given a bag of clothes by one of M’s cousins. She was cleaning out her closet and distributing the pieces. “If something in here works for you, great! If not, just give it away.”

This was, to me, an invitation to try my hand at modifications.

I discovered this tutorial awhile ago. It’s intended for maternity clothes, but who doesn’t love a good ruching, and DIY to top it off?

I pulled out a tank top from the bag of clothes and it didn’t take much to make it a perfect fit.


First things first, I shortened the shoulder straps by about an inch each.


Next, I decided how long I wanted the ruching to be. I decided to make it about from the empire waist (just below the bustline) to the bottom of the shirt. I cut the elastic to that length, minus two inches (I’d say three for a more bunched look, but I didn’t want to take the shirt much shorter).

Then I followed the tutorial instructions. I positioned the top of the elastic on the first side seam of the shirt at the empire waistline and secured it well.

Then I stretched out the elastic to the bottom of the shirt without stretching the shirt itself.


And then I just let the machine run down the elastic along the side seam. I secured the elastic well on the bottom and checked the ruching.


Sweet! And then repeated the same thing on the other side.

And ta-da, a shirt that was a little too big for me is now a perfect fit.



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