Craft Show

As I said, I participated in a craft show a couple of weekends ago. It was lightly attended, but in a lot of ways, that made it a great first show to do.


My main regret is that this is the only picture I took of my table. 😉

It’s cute and has potential, but I can already see lots of ways I would change it. Anything you can spot that would make it pop more? If you attended the show, what did you think of it?


Mesh Clothing Bags

I read an awesome idea in Today’s Parent this morning (the March 2013 issue). It had an entire article on ways to get organized and this was one of the suggestions:

Put your kids’ clothes away by daily outfit, rather than sorting by item. Make sure to include top, bottom, socks and underwear, as well as any sweaters, tights or leggings they may need.

What a great idea! And what better way to do that than by picking up some of my mesh clothing bags to keep each outfit together? 😉


The mesh allows you and your kids to see which outfit they’re choosing, and you won’t have your organizational hard work go to waste if your kids start rummaging around in their drawers. Perfect also for packing clothes for a long trip (no more lost socks!) and even for short ones.

My daughter is in the early stages of potty training (can stay dry but can’t yet take herself to the bathroom), so I keep a complete outfit for her, including a wet bag, in my own bag.


Then, if she has an accident while we’re out, I can quickly and easily get her cleaned up and ready to go. It’s also great for moving from bag to bag, whether it’s into my purse for a quick errand run, into my Lug bag for a longer day trip, or into my husband’s bag when he takes her on an adventure. Far easier than gathering all of the pieces each time.

Buy one or a dozen, in matching sets or all different colours, whatever will best suit your needs!

And check out the March 2013 Today’s Parent issue. There are some great tips in that article. (Or find it online here.)


Mesh Clothing Bag $14 each

Interested in the wet bag you see above? Check out Nest Boutique on Facebook.

Bunting Baby Quilt

Two weeks ago, I participated in a local craft show. As my first experience, it was awesome (though the turnout wasn’t great). The other vendors were friendly and I learned a lot. And it gave me the opportunity to put together a bunch of new products I’ve had in mind but haven’t had the push to make.

This is my favourite new product right now! I love the bunting design and the bold colours. It’s also, as all quilts should be, soft and cozy. For more pictures (or to pick one up), head on over to my Etsy shop!


Bunting Baby Quilt $150

Midnight Blue

We went to a family wedding over the summer and I wore one of my creations. I made a blue faux chiffon dress, fully-lined, in the maxi dress style. Finished off with a belt, I felt elegant, yet appropriately casual for the venue the wedding was being held at.

Check out photos of its construction and completion.

Flower Girl Dress – Available Now!

The flower girl dress is now available on Etsy, here!

My wee model is too small, so this dress hangs about her a little. It’s still adorable, though, don’t you think?

This dress is made entirely from cotton poplin and broadcloth. The white poplin on the outside of the dress has delicately embroidered flowers and, along with pink poplin, it makes up the flounces of the dress. These flounces can be worn in front or back.

This dress can be made in different sizes or colours. Contact me to discuss details!

Keep smiling.

Slow Going Around Here

The past several weeks, I’ve been completely engaged with personal projects. I’m making a dress for a wedding I’m attending in a couple of months and I’m sketching out plans for a new handbag.

But here are some glimpses of the toddler dress that is soon to be available on Etsy! It is currently one of a kind. My previous intention was to make a 12month size, but since it would make a perfect flower girl dress, I decided to make it closer to a 3 or 4. The confirmed size will be on the listing.

Sneak Peek!

Something new is coming to the store! Here’s a sneak peek at the muslin of it.

It will be in the store in its final colours and fabrics sometime in the next month.

It will be available in size 4.

Gone, Baby, Gone

The Cupcake tissue box has sold, ladies and gentlemen.

But do not despair! It has gone to a lovely home, but there are more to come. Keep an eye out for the next batch of fabrics for this lovely little toy. Pictures will be up in the next couple of weeks.